EgyQahr with Epic Pirate Weapon and skill
Top Nobility

Top Nobility

Nobility Name Photo Class Donation
HeRo_OF_GaMe Pirate Lord 101,114,643,896
dOKE LeeLong Master 92,323,186,046
KingKhan Pirate Lord 85,000,000,000
SexxiCool Monk Saint 67,629,804,627
MorigaN WindWalker Master 34,600,000,000
EMAN Archer Master 32,896,862,885
Musslim WindWalker Master 30,000,065,408
BoomMido_BR Ninja Master 28,000,000,000
John_Wick Pirate Lord 19,990,915,698
Medoz Pirate Lord 16,310,065,407


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